We Stock All Types of Batteries

Did you know that we stock all common sizes of batteries and some non-common sizes, too? Visit our store for Energizer brand of AA & AAA in 24 packs and C, D, & 9V in 12 packs. We also carry watch batteries and cell phone batteries. Call us for any questions that you might have.

CLARION: 814-227-2123
BROOKVILLE: 814-849-0175

Recycling Program

Don't contaminate! By throwing batteries into the garbage, it contaminates the soil and water around us. We are an official battery recycling center. You may not know that single-use batteries contain many elements that can be recycled. We make sure that your used batteries are recycled and disposed of properly. Bring your old batteries to 11041 Route 322, Shippenville, PA 16254 or call us for more information at 814.227.2123.

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